Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is your opportunity to sell effectively online your products and services. The most important benefit is the performance-based fee model.

How Advertiser, you can increase the salt and leads and are paid when earnings!

As a publisher, you can instead monetize your online traffic by promoting the products and services of the advertiser.

We can say that this is a "viral" way of marketing that exploits through precise economic incentives, the desire to earn on the Net of many website owners. The affiliation marketing is the easiest and cheapest way to grow the traffic or sales of a website, making advertising by many other sites "affiliates."

The Affiliate Marketing is a beautiful branches of marketing that is applied to the web (online). Advertisers (called the merchant) recognize publishers (called affiliate) a commission when a user performs a certain action like filling out form, lead, buy a product, downloading apps / software etc.


We make an overview of this area to see its peculiarities.

It is a relationship which sees the three subjects, specifically, the Advertiser, Publisher and Affiliate Network, the latter is the connecting link between the first two subjects. we see these figures in detail;

Affiliate Network

The affiliate network mainly serves as a mediator between Advertiser and Publisher, for it makes available to its structure with which proposes the promotional campaigns of the Advertiser (advertisers) who want to sell products and services. Through the system of the Publisher Network (managers of sites, portals, forums, etc ...) choose the available campaigns, in which percentages are stated from sales that are able to do. This is done using scripts (code to be implemented on sites that will produce a banner or image with a direct link to the advertiser's site, link containing your Publisher ID) with which the Network monitors the activity and performance of the publisher, crediting a percentage for every sale made, this in essence the task of Affiliate Network.


The advertiser is nothing more than a commercial entity, which has to sell a product or service, so look for sellers or new sales channels, in this case, unlike other classical forms of promotion, the Advertiser basically does not invest nothing. Offering instead a percentage of sales, also known as PPS (Pay Per Sale) or CPS (Cost Per Sale) with a variant that is the CPA (Cost Per Action), in all cases, there is a commission on sales generated, while in the case CPA is not necessary to generate sales but simply to make the user action that may be to install an application or download a file.


The Publisher has to deal primarily to generate traffic on its pages, which of course is easier said, but for those who already have sites established with a decent amount of traffic this is a secondary issue, in this case the Publisher should only choose the most good campaigns profitable that suit the content of your website. For those without traffic and must start to create it, and there are some solutions, the first is to work on creating them content making the most of SEO techniques, in this case you must be careful not to overdo it because it would penalize the content making them "robotic" and therefore unattractive to the user, here comes the quality of the Publisher writer. The use of the company is another possible strategy to generate traffic, using this channel to promote the site's pages, typically with post following a specific theme, in this case you can generate high volumes of traffic, but are not without continuous and attractive work for the followers. Finally, the other solution is that of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Paid Advertising, in other words pay to get traffic on their pages with the possibility that this will produce sales. Same thing can be done with social channels like Facebook Ads, AdWords for search, both effective but that obviously does not guarantee conversions such as to pay back the investment to get traffic.

"In Affiliate marketing takes effort and sweat, sometimes a lot and with poor results at least in principle, but we must not be discouraged, time always pays the commitment and dedication."

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